Finally we have made our way across the border into Uganda, I found myself glued to the window as we were crossing the border. Staring at the interesting and different way of life, to what I am used too. We are staying in a city at the moment called Rukinjiri, which shows clear aspects of poverty. There is a noticeable difference that can be seen in poverty, between Rwanda and Uganda. It was exciting and surprising, to see how fast the development and growth can be seen in the churches. It was also exciting to hear some of the future plans for the church many of the pastors have in the area. I am enjoying worshipping using my trumpet, with the choirs and bands in the area, which I have never done before. Yesterday, myself, Brandon and Sam were getting to know the choir of one of the churches in Rukinjiri; we were asked to give donations for a party happening at the church for the choir. They went around asking what people could spare, I personally had no idea of what an appropriate number was to give; and so me, Sam and Brandon, agreed to give 10,000 US shillings; which is the equivalent of around 3 USD. As soon as I told them the money we were giving them, they were all amazed and were shouting and singing with such joy that it almost brought tears to all our eyes. It was amazing for me, too see how something so small to me, could be so meaningful to them.

Written by Josh AKA (Jazzman)