By Ben: 

After we got settled in our guest house, we headed off to the Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM) offices and the Ggaba Community Church.

 This is where it all began. Pastor Peter, Charles, JP, and Gerald started Gaba Community Church in 1986 in a tent on the shores of Lake Victoria. From there, it grew into a multi-faceted ministry, including child sponsorships and a school to serve the children of Gaba. They later started Africa Renewal University, which now offers a wide range of bachelor’s degrees. They build the ARM offices several years ago, along with the large church sanctuary.

 Many churches have been birthed out of leaders who grew up in Gaba Community Church through ARM. Pastor Elisha of Rukungiri is one of them, and if you look at the 1986 photo in the lower corner you can see him baptizing a lady with Pastor Charles.

 Charles later moved to Rwanda to take the ARM model and adapt it for Rwanda. This is now Africa New Life Ministries, which is doing a great job serving the young people of Rwanda.

 We met up with Dr. Martin, the gentleman who stayed with us several months ago. He is responsible for much of the administration of ARM, and works alongside Pastor Peter and Ronnie (the other gentleman who visited Oregon recently).

 In Dr. Martin’s office, we wrapped up our tour with prayer for the success of ARM and their continued ability to serve the people of Gaba, coordinate child sponsorships, and grow across Uganda.