By Ben:

 Today (Saturday), we traveled about 1 hour out of Kigali to Kayonza where there is a large school compound that is part of Africa New Life.  There was a teacher conference going on that we were invited to.  Amazingly, we met the principal of Damascus Christian School who is part of the teacher leadership training—small world!

 Brandon led music, and again, its great to see how they really know how to worship here!  John led a devotional, and I got to teach on the biblical worldview (I was so happy they picked this topic)! 


After this, we went to a special school assembly, where again Brandon, Jazzman Josh, and Samuel got to play music in front of about 400 students.  Josh’s trumpet was a big hit, as its pretty rare that they would ever see and hear one in person!  John gave the “soccer ball” illustration of being filled with the Holy Spirit through Jesus—and the kid he picked was really skillful bouncing the ball on his head!