By Ben:

 Friday night worship and prayer nights are a tradition here that would be great to take back with us!  We’ve experienced this both at Africa New Life and ICC.  These evenings definitely are a party for Jesus, and high energy (if a bit too loud for me!).  They are mostly put on by the young leaders in the church, but provide a fun and healthy alternative to whatever else might be going on during a Friday night.

 The rhythm starts with prayer, and moves onto music, and then a short teaching/preaching, wrapping up with music and dancing.  The vibrancy pushes me a bit out of my comfort zone, and if we import some of this I would try to add some quiet contemplative time for contrast.  I think it would be good to incorporate some solid theological, biblical, or doctrinal teaching while the kids are there as well.

 It was great to have Jazzman Josh backing up Brandon with his trumpet—this time they clipped a mic onto the trumpet so we could hear it.  Josh is really good at improvising over the songs that the team were playing.