By Ben:

 We finished our day today with a visit to the Rwanda Genocide Memorial.  It is a sobering and scary experience to see first hand the depths of depravity that the human soul can sink to.  Many of the people who hacked their neighbors to death with machetes were ordinary people just like you and I.  Perhaps the most terrifying reality is that many people were killed in the churches in which they sought refuge—by the church leaders themselves.

 I will always try to remember that I’m not any better than those who somehow fell into the grip of the murderous hate and bloodlust—there but for the grace of God go I.  We must always be guarding our hearts against such evil.  And, we should be aware that some of the evil we do may be parading around as good.

 Part of the memorial was an exhibit that recounted the all-to-many other genocides that have happened—just in the last 100 years.  It serves as a reminder

 As terrible as the Genocide was, we can have hope that God can work the evil somehow for some good.  The Rwandan’s now, having tasted what they experienced, are now determined to never let it happen again.  There has been so much reconciliation, forgiveness, and healing, and that is translating to the sense of optimism as they look forward that I mentioned earlier.

 Ok, tomorrow we’re off to Rukinjiri Uganda!