By Ben:

We were really blessed by friends at Planar (Ben’s former company) who graciously donated several laptops for us to give to students and leaders here. We presented one to Victoria, a young lady who is a student who is about to graduate from college. Without a laptop, she’s had to wait for hours in line for the school computers in order to do her homework. Now, she’ll be able to do her work anytime! (No more excuses for late homework, however, ha!)  Also, it will be much easier to connect with her via email and video calls.

Pastor Elisha received the other computer—again, this is such a help for him in managing the church and all the communications that go along with that. They have so many different ministries and volunteer leaders that coordinating it all is a huge task. Having this tool will help out immensely. Also, communications with the outside world is really critical for them, and this will help out tremendously. As important, we left Pastor Elisha with a cellular wifi modem that will give the church some level of connectivity. 

 Thanks so much to both Planar, Samantha Phenix, and Comprite Computers (who supplied the laptop bags)!  Your gifts will make a eternal impact to these people!