By Ben:

 Yesterday was a travel day, leaving from the Dream Center in Kigali to Rukinjiri in Western Uganda.  Our bus was actually really nice and comfortable, and the roads are good if not windy.  The border crossing is a jumble of trucks, cars, and people, and the road turns into dirty ruts right at the crossing—clearly there is no cooperation between the Rwandan and Ugandan road services!  It took about an hour and a half to exit Rwanda, get a Uganda visa, and pass through to Uganda to get back on the same bus.

 We got off the bus in a little town where Pastor Elisha and another car picked us up to take us to Rubaare Community Church, a plant out of Rukinjiri.  We met with both the outgoing Pastor Patrick and his family, and with the new Pastor Onesimus.  John was a great catalyst to help the transition.

We arrived at Rukinjiri Community Church in the late afternoon, met the worship team, and headed off to the Rukinjiri Inn for dinner.

 I was feeling terrible with a cold, and prayed that I’d be in decent enough shape to make it through the next busy day!  I’ll talk about that in my next blog…