By Ben:

 The next day we had lunch at Pastor Sam and Prossy’s home.  They are so gracious welcoming us in, and fed us a delicious lunch with Prossy’s famous potato chips and “daddies” (which are kind of sweet crouton-like things).  She makes these and sells them to local stores, and has developed a nice little business out of this.  The potato chips are made with the Irish potatoes that are a staple here, and they are delicious!

 After lunch, we headed to Ishaka Community Church for Friday evening worship and prayer.  Brandon, Josh, and Sam got to join the worship team head up by Moriah, a lovely young lady who is the worship leader.  The evening was pretty energetic—most of the people there are under 25—and LOUD!  It was fun, and went on until midnight, so we didn’t get back to the hotel and our beds until about 1am.