By Ben 

Our tour guide/driver for the Ishaka-Kampala portion of our trip was a fine young man named Deo. He has his own tour business, Divine Tours. After delivering us safely to Kampala by way of the animals, he drove us all over the place in Kampala—no mean task! 

He was a sponsored young man through ARM, and is now married to Irene—celebrating six years of marriage and two sons, Jason and Jayden. Because Deo’s brother died, all of his nephews and nieces also live with them, for a total of 8 children in their home. Irene works in a local school managing their finances. 

 Deo and Irene showed us their wedding pictures—both their traditional engagement celebration and their church wedding. Looked like a blast!

 We were really blessed to get to know Deo—he’s a great young man. We schemed to see what it would take to add a camping/safari trip to the March trip for some of the young people!