By Ben:

 I wanted to say a few words about Pastor Elisha, the senior pastor at Rukungiri Community Church.  While he is small in stature, he is a giant spiritually!  He has the warmest heart for people, and made us feel like family.

 Rukungiri Community Church is a plant that was birthed about 12 years ago out of Africa Renewal Ministries, Eternal Impact, and the efforts of several key leaders in Rukungiri, including Rosemary and Elisha.  The story of the birth of this church is great to hear, and an answer to many prayers. 

 Pastor Elisha is a man of big vision, and wants to see the church grow both wider and deeper.  He is committed to giving people opportunity to lead and to grow as they are gifted.  The challenge he faces is that so many people have little or no income, and all of the work for the church is volunteer.  A huge opportunity for the church is to help people gain skills to create business to bring in some income.

 One example of Pastor Elisha’s heart is that he wants to build a secondary school for a community outside of Rukungiri (I mentioned this is a previous blog).  He also wants to build a “dream center” hub for RCC, and eventually a bible school.  Our prayer is for wisdom for priorities, guidance for stewardship, and provision for what God wants to build through leaders like Pastor Elisha.