By Ben:

 We spent most of Wednesday in Rukinjiri meeting with the Rukijiri Community Church leadership at the Heritage Center, a nice little conference center on top of a hill.  John gave a talk on Live It Out and Up/In/Out, and then left for a school with the boys.

 I spent a couple of hours giving my testimony and weaving in some apologetics—which is part of my testimony.  Then I shared how Missio Dei is living it out—going over our foundational missional communities, our unique rhythm, and how our connection and love of Uganda is part of how we want to live it out.  The best part of the afternoon for me was hearing from the RCC leadership how they were living it out.

 They have a robust variety of different ministries, and a good focus on what they call “cell groups”.  These are essentially small home groups, who meet weekly for an hour to do a set study.  I like this, but worry that its not enough time to really develop the friendships, mentorships, and discipleships that are essential for living it out.  On the other hand, they have so many other ministries (mens, womens, youth, children, marriage, eLearning bible studies, etc).  We learned later that it’s a real organizational challenge to manage all the ministries and leaders—which was made clear with the org chart they shared later with us!  They are hoping for some help and advice on how they can most efficiently and effectively manage all they have going.

 We came back for dinner (oh, and by the way, dinner takes about two hours to arrive after you order it here at the Rukinjiri Inn!) and went to bed as early as we could in prep for an early morning breakfast service!