By Ben:

We’ve been here two days now.  As I reflect on our time so far, several things stand out.  First, the people here really love the Lord, and it shows in their singing and prayer which is wonderful to see.  Second, they are an optimistic country.  Having suffered so much through the genocide, they understand first hand the depth of depravity and evil we all are capable of descending to—and they are determined never to go there again.  They understand that true peace with their neighbors only comes through peace with God—which only comes through Christ.  They are rebuilding anew, and there is a sense of optimism that is palpable.  Third, there is lots happening as a result of this optimism—new buildings, new roads, many plans.  All of this will continue to open roads for spiritual and physical health.  It seems to me that they are ripe for a vibrant tourism industry, with much to experience here culturally, geographically, and in the natural beauty of this part of Creation.  Properly run, the tourism to see mountain gorillas could really be great for both the people and the animals. 

 Last, for me, I’m excited about the leadership development, especially through the Africa College of Theology, that is happening here.  In only 4 years, ACT has grown from 35 students to over 240!  I like their curriculum (and see that there’s some room for more apologetics!).  I’d love to come for a stay to teach some workshops on apologetics—from the Q&A session at the teacher’s conference I think this would be really valued by many of the leaders and students.  Definitely something to think about for the spring!