By Ben: The drive from Ishaka to Kampala is about 6 hours. Our driver Deo took us on a little detour that went along a game reserve. We didn’t go in it, but there were still lots of zebra and impala to look at. We took a break at the equator where we were crossing from the southern hemisphere to the northern. They had a cool water feature to show off the coriolis effect where water spins one way in the northern hemisphere and the other in the southern. Right at the equator, it stops spinning all together!

 We arrived into the outskirts of Kampala where there is a noticeable and perpetual faint smell of burning garbage. We made our way to the Ggaba district where we found our guest house and host Florence. Her guest house is really nice and comfortable, and looks brand new. Again, the nice bathroom fixtures were a bit over promising, as the hot water just barely trickled out! It was nice to take a shower and relax.