By Ben:

 Our next stop was God’s Will Community Church in Kibone (we couldn’t help but joke around with the name—“Hey, does anyone know the way to God’s Will?”, and “Hey guys, its time to leave God’s Will”)

 This is one of the 32 church plants that have come out of RCC over the last several years.  The pastor is a wonderful lady named Sharon, the wife of Moses.  Their church is “in the middle of nowhere”, down a long, rutty, dirt road, in the middle of a bunch of bananas.  The building is “African” construction—poles, tin roof, thatch and plank siding, dirt floor (with straw).  It is simple but comfortable and cool.  They had a simple sound system that ran off of a car battery that I presume was charged with a solar cell. 

 The kids were the cutest, especially when they were dancing!  I’d upload a video of them but the internet is so slow that videos are impossible to upload…

 We did some video shooting, and then walked up the road to the pastor’s house for lunch.  This was an amazing experience—their home is so simple, just a cement structure with two small rooms and a tin roof—but they treated us like royalty.  Sharon made a tremendous amount of food—goat stew, chicken stew, rice, potatoes, yams, pumpkin, starchy bananas, sweet bananas, mango, pineapple, watermelon, and a weird berry thing that reminded me of a really bitter caper.  This was such a feast and we felt very humbled in the graciousness of this family.  We may think they have little in a material sense, but they are so full of love and hospitality and they have what they need. 

 We left God’s Will (ha!) and headed to a plot of land that Africa Renewal Ministries purchased for RCC to build a secondary school.  On our ride on the super rutty road, one of the vans spare tires fell off!  We stopped and were surrounded by a bunch of kids who were pretty fascinated by us weirdos!