By Ben:

 A refreshing difference here in East Africa is expressions of true filial love between brother and brother and sister and sister.  Like was the case for me in my childhood in Micronesia, is it not uncommon to see boys holding their friends hands, and likewise girls holding their friends hands.  This is true with adults as well, and we see men holding their brothers’ hands in expressions of brotherly love. 

 In our culture, a scene like this would automatically infer romantic love—here it is an expression of filial love.  It is sad that our culture no longer can make this expression of filial love without it being misinterpreted—and with that we shy away from forming these intimate filial relationships.

 I caught this photo of Josh holding a brother’s hand as we walked down a path.  This is such an endearing act of pure love of a brother for a brother.  I miss this.