By Ben:

 One of the projects that Pastor Sam and ICC is working on are some hostel apartments for Kampala International University West students.  Sam recounted that several years back, Eternal Impact made a donation to Sam and Prossy towards a home for them.  But God put it on their hearts to instead buy some land to build a youth hostel to house students for KIU-West.  Not only did the buy the land, but they are now letting a large Muslim family live in the “homes/shacks” that are currently on the property. 

 The plan is to have that family caretake the hostels in exchange for being able to continue to live there, as well as hopefully enlarge their quarters.  They family is one husband and two wives, with 13 and soon to be 14 children.  Currently, all 13 kids share one room that is about 10×15 feet.

 The project is well underway, with the foundation dug and some of the foundation built.  It is stopped at the moment waiting for the next round of funding to complete the first 6 apartments which will be about $6k USD.  To complete the entire complex including the road build-out will require another $12k USD or so.

 This might be a great project for state-side builders to come and participate on and learn how they build here.  It is significantly different, and there’s no Home Depot to run down to for supplies!  I think its important for any builder or craftsperson who wants to help out to first come and learn what they do here to see how they might best help.  Certainly a huge help would be for builders to rally to raise funds to support their fellow builders here in this project.  Also, after seeing how things are done here, and the various limitations they have, our stateside builders may be able to suggest new ways to do things better here.  Likewise, we have a lot to learn from them about minimalistic construction, and being able to live comfortably with few amenities.  I think areas that could use some serious innovation are bathrooms, hot water, and perhaps high efficient, low voltage solar for LED lighting and device powering.