By Ben:

 Brandon and Josh (aka Jazzman) had about an hour to practice with the worship team before they were live on stage!  The place was alive with prayer before everything got started, and Brandon, Jazzman, and the rest of the team did amazingly well!  Having had about 4 hours of sleep in 48 hours, Brandon came alive and poured his heart out in song.  It was great to have Josh on trumpet and it really added a lot.  The whole team are excellent musicians, and everybody sang their hearts out!  My throat was sore all day from singing too loudly!  I think Brandon will come back with a lot of the worship DNA energy that they have here and which we really need.

 I was able to capture some 360 video, which I hope will give people a sense of what its like during the worship.

 After the music, John preached a powerful message of the gospel, and emphasized the up/in/out aspects of our walk with God.  More on that in the next blog…

By Brandon:

Leading worship at the Dream Center was an amazing experience. The way the Rwandans worship is so powerful and inspiring. The way they sing out, dance, and pray is truly how God deserves to be worshiped.