He’s Back!!!

On September 13th, John Garrick (Founder & Lead Catalyst) was in a motorcycle accident that left him in the hospital for 16 days. He continues to recover as an “out-patient” and we are using this page in addition to his Facebook page to update friends and family to his condition.

We are so thankful for you ongoing intercession and support of John, Jennifer & the Garrick family as they navigate this season.

Many have asked how you can help the Garrick’s financially during this time. A special fund has been set up for them at Eternal Impact. If you wish to participate with a financial gift, please go to: ONLINE DONATION PAGE and choose “John Garrick Support” for the specific fund and you will be receipted for your tax-deductible gift.

This 18 minute video was done by John & Jennifer on October 3, 2017 to share about the accident and John’s path to recovery. It was done live via Facebook and added here for those who do not use Facebook. We will make every effort to update this page regularly with addition videos as they become available. For those of you who are active with Facebook, more immediate updates can be found on John’s Facebook Profile page.

Video Update on Saturday, October 14, 2017 


In the previous video, John mentions 3D imaging that they did of his ribs. He asked that they be posted here:

In preparation for a potential rib surgery, the doctors were seeing a small mass in the Pleural area on the right side near the space near the lung and liver. After a thoracentesis procedure in the morning, an infection was discovered and John was asked to head to the emergency room for follow up. The following video is from the Emergency Room.

After a week in the hospital and another chest tube to drain infection, John has returned home (which he affectionately calls the Garrick Rehabilitation Center) to continue his journey of recovery with a small hole in his lung and ribs in need of healing. He arrived home the evening of October 31, 2017. The following video is an update of the past week and clarity around the road map ahead.