Beyond Borders is the international expression of our ministry, engaged in developing leaders and empowering ministry partnerships. In addition to engaging the spiritually unaware with the Good News and serving the marginalized, we equip servant-leaders to disciple others. We equip leaders and ministry partners to nurture their faith in Jesus Christ while emphasizing the birth and development of missional, Gospel-centric church communities. We don’t build buildings or launch programs, but we build up people who lead with renewed passion and clarity as incarnational families of missionary servants.


Eternal Impact ministers globally through partnerships with organizations like:



In addition to speaking at churches and conferences, Eternal Impact encourages pastors beyond borders via Skype, Facebook, and email.


We provide resources for pastors like computers, telephones, and needed materials for their churches.

John appears to be living the dream, the one God put on his heart years ago, despite the difficulties that have accompanied the journey. He hasn’t wavered. This steadfastness has brought him multiple speaking engagements, taken him across oceans, into Africa, and to establishing churches.

Maxine Marsolini
Portland, OR

Live it out is not simply a catchy tagline, but an invitation to encounter Christ, to embrace the Gospel life, and to live on mission — a calling rooted in our passion and practice.  It is a guiding mantra that helps us form our culture and focus our vision.